Welcome to the Mike the Sound Guy, the portfolio website of Mike Keogh.

Mike is a versatile Ottawa-based composer and sound designer with a decade of experience and more than 30 shipped titles. He has an extensive background producing and implementing audio for console and PC games, DVDs, and mobile games. Mike is also co-founder of the indie game developer Breakfall, and releases his own music as Mike O.K. on Bandcamp.

From live didgeridoo recordings to the management of multi-language localizations, Mike has experience in almost every aspect of interactive audio development. He has given voices to adorable bunnies, howling monsters and cybernetic aliens; developed soundscapes for sea-breezy beach resorts, imploding space stations and spooky haunted houses; written pop songs sung by cartoon pets; orchestrated a symphony played primarily by hammers and produced everything else from sweeping epic scores to catchy electronic grooves. No matter what the task, Mike ensures that all of that sound, music and dialogue perfectly fit the technical and aesthetic needs of each project.

Mike has worked on prominent brands for some of the biggest players in the business, including Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Nerf, Monopoly, Goosebumps and X-Men. He has also joined forces with indie developers to inject some serious audio production value into their games. If you're passionate about your media project and want outstanding audio, please use the contact form on this page to get in touch.

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